Electra Turmoil

The City Commission of Electra held a meeting to discuss petitions given to City Hall last week as well as other city issues.

2 petitions were given to Electra City Hall on October 15th.

One petition was to change Electra's city charter so that

residents would have a voice regarding city commissioners.  The other petition was requesting the removal of City Administrator, Larry Pannell from office.

For a while, Electra residents have been divided on this issue.

Electra resident Melinda Christian said,"I'm here to support our commissioners and our city manager. I feel that the only thing being told about Electra is negative and it's a better town than that."

"I'm here to see the petitions that we turned in. To see what the response was and to see what we need to do next." said Electra resident Sue Howell.

The petition of the City Charter was discussed at the meeting, however the petition regarding the removal of Larry Pannell was not.

Mayor of Electra, Curtis Warner said, "Talking about that petition is not a requirement of the state. It's just a petition that was presented by a group of citizens. It will someday in the future appear on a city agenda."

The one issue Electra residents do agree on is how they feel about their city.

Warner said, "We have a wonderful city, I moved back here after 50 years. We've got a group of folks who just want to see our town move forward. We're going to be a very good small town and its just one step to get us there."

"We need to stop trying to make a big deal out of a small town that is trying to pull together", said Christian.

Howell said,"I think that we all just need to work together. We have a wonderful little town, we just need a little different direction."

As of now, both of the petitions from Electra residents have around 200 signatures.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6