WFISD Consolidation Public Hearings

The WFISD School Board members held an informational meeting for Zundy and Barwise Junior High Schools parents Wednesday night to discuss the recent consolidation proposal.

A recommendation to consolidate two of the districts oldest schools, Alamo and Houston Elementary and to consolidate Zundy Junior High School and its 6th grade program was brought to the WFISD school board October 1st.

According to the proposal, Alamo and Houston Elementary students and staff would move to the Zundy Junior High School facility, and the Zundy students and staff would move to the Barwise facility.

During Wednesday's meeting, WFISD board members wanted to hear parents' concerns.

"As a lifelong resident of Wichita Falls, I'm interested in what's going on in our school system," said Zundy parent Lesley Kajs.

Diane Wiest said, "I'm just concerned that this is all of the sudden. They knew those buildings were over a hundred years old, and now all of the sudden, they have to do something. Is there even a Plan B to be considered?"

Many parents are concerned were if Zundy would lose its programs and staff by moving to the Barwise facility. Another concern presented at the meeting was if teachers would be able to handle the classroom due to having more students.

"One of my top concerns are the uniform policy the class sizes as far as them getting to large for one teacher to handle. I'm not happy with the proposal. I chose Zundy for a reason, and it's because I believe their academic program as well as their staff is so good," said Nicole Brown.

Board members did say that with the proposal, none of the staff from either of the three schools would lose their jobs.

"I, as a proud parent of Zundy, don't want my kids going anywhere else. Zundy has an excellent staff from top to bottom. Mr. Montemayor, the Principal, is just top notch. I can send my kids to school, both of them having special needs medically, and I don't have to worry," said Brown.

Board members reminded parents this is only a proposal. The next step would be for them to vote on whether to move forward.

WFISD board members said the next public meeting will be Tuesday, October 29th at the Wichita Falls High School Auditorium. The meeting where the School Board will vote on this proposal will be Wednesday, October 30th at the Education Center.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6