Burk Bulk Water

Burkburnett residents have reacted to the recent change at the local water tower.

Burkburnett City Commissioners passed an ordinance in September stating the water tower will only be in operation Monday - Friday, 7:30 am to 4:30 PM.

City Commissioners saw a need for this Ordinance because of the recent drought conditions which has affected the "public health and safety of citizens."

Currently, Burkburnett is in stage 3 of its Drought Contingency Plan.  The plan gives a detailed outline of how and where water from the tower can be used.

Burkburnett residents, however saw this change as a financial burden.

"Everyone that lives out of town has to haul water and they have to live with it. The city made this to where it's much harder to live with," said Burkburnett resident, Rusty Holtzen.

The ordinance also states that water purchased at the tower will only be for residential use, and the water rate will be raised to $.25 cents per 50 gallons of water.

"I understand the rate increase, I know we're in a drought and everybody is going to feel the effect of it. I can live with that,  it's the hours of operation that don't work for people now," said Holtzen.

Burkburnett City Manager, Michael Whaley said, "this change should only help Burkburnett residents."

"Anybody that has a 9 to 5 job or an 8 to 6 job, they don't have the ability to get water anymore," said Holtzen.

The city of Burkburnett does have a plan for citizens who aren't able to fill their water tanks during the required water fill times.

"Customers will be able to contact the emergency number located at the tower if they are not able to fill up during water fill hours," said Whaley.

A sign at the tower is currently posted at the tower with all of the ordinance information.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6