Proposition 7

Proposition 7 allows for home rule municipalities to provide in its charter the procedure to fill a vacancy in a governing when an unexpired term is less than a 12 months.
    Many home rule cities in Texoma already have language within their charter  to allow an appointment process of this type. Supporters of the bill say it would cut taxpayer costs when an elected official passes's away or otherwise leaves office. Currently the state constitution requires the city to hold a special election within 120 days even if only a few months remain in the term. Proponents say those special elections cost tax payers thousands of dollars. Now those appointees would be subject to an election when the remainder of that unexpired term is over much the same as every other current elected official.
    However, opposers say that this allows the opportunity for corruption  by allowing city officials to appoint one another. Opponents of proposition 7 say that even though these special elections cost thousands of dollars, those thousands of dollars are the best way to ensure democracy.