Iowa Park: Water Transfer

With Texoma in an drought, the subject of water often stirs up controversy and a lot of questions. This time it surrounds a Lake in Iowa Park. Iowa park has been pumping water into Lake Gordon to preserve it and an annual tradition. The city would not have been able to host Fish Fest without the additional water.

Iowa Park Mayor Dan Fears said "We pumped some water from...Iowa Park Lake and Buffalo Lake into Gordon Lake."

Even though Iowa Park relies on Wichita Falls for all its water. None of the water that was pumped into Gordon Lake came from Wichita Falls.

Mayor Fears said the water Iowa Park gets from Wichita Falls has nothing to do with Gordon Lake.

Even though Iowa Park Lake and Buffalo Lake's water level have already decreased substantially. They really haven't been affected because only a small amount of water has been pumped out of them. However, if they were affected the city would stop pumping water out and back into them.

Mayor Fears said if the lakes needed water, we would pump water back into them right away.

Some Iowa Park residents don't have a problem with the city pumping water into Gordon Lake.

"Well I think its a good idea pumping water into Gordon Lake because it is a recreational place for the community and it's a food chain for the community for those who cannot afford the prices other there, said Iowa Park resident Danny Crumbly.

Another Iowa Park resident Jack Powers said "You know I really don't have much of an opinion on it to be completely honest. I hate to see our natural resources coming over here, but I hate to see our city lose its resources. its kind of a catch twenty-two."

The city doesn't use its lakes as a water supply because there isn't enough water in them to meet the city's demands.

James Parish, Newschannel 6