Secretary of State on New Voting Law

Voting is always a hot topic this time of year. This year's election is more controversial. Texas now requires all voters to show an identification card before voting. Secretary of State John Steen was in town today to talk about early voting and to clear up some rumors about the new voter I. D. law.

Secretary of State John Steen said early voting has exceeded expectations. Texas' 15 most populous counties have nearly doubled its early voting numbers from previous years.

Wichita County had 1918 voters cast their vote during early voting, which is very encouraging.

"It's just very important... This is our first statewide election where we are going to have a photo I. D. requirement, so we want to get the word out people to be ready with your photo I. D.," said Steen.

Poll workers will accept one of six types of I.D.'s. They will accept driver's license, personal I. D., concealed handgun license, passport and military I. D.

Even if the name on your I. D. doesn't exactly match your voter registration. You'll still be able to vote.

"If it's not an exact match but substantially similar, which is interrupted in favor of the voter, than they will say will you initial this box to affirm you are the same person. You do that and then you go vote," said Steen.

If you don't have one of those six I.D.'s. You will still be able to cast you vote.

Steen said all voters have to do is go to a Department of Public Safety and get a free election identification certificate. But the E.I.C. cannot be used as an all purpose I. D.

People can even vote without an I. D. on hand. They will just vote provisionally and have 6 days to clear everything up.

The official election will be November 5th.