Affordable Healthcare Scam

Scammers are constantly looking for ways to take advantage of consumers. They always seem to follow the headlines and look for what people want. Many people are trying to buy healthcare since the Health Insurance Marketplace opened last month, and scammers are trying to use it as a cover.

"Unfortunately, we are seeing a lot of different scams in relation to the Affordable Care Act," said CEO and President of the Better Business Bureau of Central North Texas Monica Horton.

Con artist are trying to trick consumers into giving them their personal information two different ways.
"We've heard situations were they have contacted consumers via phone to let them know... They have a new health insurance card that they need to send out to them," said Horton.

The con artist say before they can send the card out. They need to verify who they are talking to by asking for personal information. They ask the potential consumer for credit card numbers, bank accounts, and their social security number.

Horton said people need to realize one thing "The government is not going to call you on the phone so the consumers need to be aware of that. If anyone starts asking for your personal identifying information whether it be your bank accounts or your social security number do not give that information out to someone who calls you out of the blue."

Texomans should be on high alert because some scammers are using a fake 940 phone number.Horton said people should not rely on caller id. Con artist can make a phone number appear local.

Scammers are even making fake websites to replicate the Health Insurance Marketplace.

"There are phony web sites cropping up in relation to the affordable care act," said Horton.

If people would like to go to the Health Insurance Market Place, Horton recommends them not to use a search engine and to type it in the address bar. Click here for a link to the Health Insurance Market Place.