Future with a Heart

Adoption in the United States is a major concern, and in Texoma this concern isn't any different.

Over 400,000 children in the U.S. were reported to be currently living without permanent families.

There are many children in our community, in the adoption system, who may never get a family.

"The goal long term is to increase foster care,and increase the adoptions in our area to make sure we're taking care of the children in our own community. We try to match children who have no families and who are in the system with  their forever homes," said chair of The Heart Galley of Northwest Texas Keri Goins.

Both Foster and Adoptive parents have made a differences and impact on the children they have chosen to make a part of their family.

"It's really an opportunity to  make a difference in children's lives. So many of them feel guilt and shame and it's really nothing they have done," said Goins.

"Being able to minister to those kids, everybody says, I don't know how you do it. That's not the deal, the deal is the blessings that they are to us," said Adoptive parents Roger and Becky Stanford.

It is the children in our community who deserve a place to call home.

"As a Foster parent and as an Adoptive parent there are many sad times and great times. You've changed lives, not just his life, but his children's life, generation after generation," said Adoptive parent Pat Stacy.

"These children haven't done anything wrong so they deserve a chance. They deserve a family who loves them and a place to go home and call home at night," said Goins.

Goins also said "adoption is a big step that comes with both struggles and blessings".

The Heart Gallery of Northwest Texas,a traveling portrait collection, focuses on connecting abused and neglected children with loving families and held a grand opening gallery Monday night for people to see and to hear from a panel of adoptive parents.

The Heart Gallery of Northwest Texas will move to different locations around Wichita Falls throughout the month of November.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6