WFHS/Rider Rivalry Week: Prank Alert

It's that time of the year when friends turn into enemies. Monday kicked off the big rivalry week between Wichita Falls High School and Rider High School. Both schools are preparing for their big football game this Friday at Memorial Stadium.

"The rivalry has been going on for years, ever since the two schools have been playing each other," said Sergeant John Spragins of the Wichita Falls Police Department.

As a tradition, students during the Cayote-Raider rivalry week come up with some pranks to pull on the opposite team. But, this puts the Wichita Falls Independent School District and Wichita Falls Police Department are on high alert, as the rivalry brings about some criminal activity. They've noticed that these pranks have become increasingly more violent over the years.

"A lot of these things turn into criminal matters. We sure don't want a kid to be involved in something criminal, get arrested and that's going to affect the rest of their lives," said Sgt. Spragins.

Pranks pulled in the past include paint balling, egging property, stealing signs, destruction of school property and more. Law enforcement worries that someone could get hurt as a result.

In order to keep it a fun and safe week, Sgt. Spragins wants parents to step in and talk to their children.

"Parents need to be involved. The parents need to discourage this type of activity as well. A lot of it falls on their shoulders," he said.

The WFPD has a zero tolerance policy in place. For students, a prank isn't worth breaking the law and suffering the consequences. Those who are caught in violation of the law will be cited or arrested depending on the situation.

"Doing something criminal is just not worth it because that will stay with you the rest of your life. It will affect you down the road," said Sgt. Spragins.

The WFPD will be frequently monitoring the school areas this week. Daily school announcements at both WFHS and Rider are being made discouraging students from participating in the pranks. Radio announcements are also playing on local stations reminding students and alumni to keep school spirit fun and away from illegal activity.

Cynthia Kobayashi, Newschannel Six.