Costly Water

Bulk water rates are higher in a few of the smaller Texoma cities than in Wichita Falls.

The current bulk water rate in Wichita Falls is roughly $.80 per 1,000 gallons of water. Henrietta, Archer City and Graham all have an increased rate.
Currently, Graham has 2 water stations with 2 different rates.

"We have a high flow station which is primarily used for oil field and agricultural purposes and the rate there is $.75 a barrel. Which is about $17 and a few pennies per one thousand gallons. We also have a low flow station where individuals come up and get water for their house and that is $.25 a barrel," said Graham Director of Public Works David Casteel.

It was Graham citizens who urged the City Council to take action of their water stations.

"We had some input from the public because we were facing water restrictions and water shortages. There were concerns that people not even in Young County would come in and get water and haul it out of the county and use it to plug oil wells," said Casteel.

The City Council of Graham decided to raise the bulk water rate over the summer.

"Our rate up until the end of the summer was about 30 cents per barrel at the high flow station. The council had a discussion on that and they looked at it and said maybe the market price is more than 30 cents a barrel," said Casteel.

Graham's City Council decided $.75 per barrel of water was a fair price for people using it and for those who are now in Stage 2 Water Restrictions.

Casteel also said, "The bulk water rates in Graham will not increase any time soon because they are currently working with a consultant to start using the effluent water from the waste treatment plant instead of the potable water."

Other surrounding cities we spoke with, Henrietta and Archer City, said that even though their bulk water rates are higher than the rates in Wichita Falls, they are set a fair price.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6