Montague Co.: Residents' Reactions On The Roads

The roads in Montague Co. Precinct 1 are a mess. Two months ago, Newschannel 6 talked to Precinct 1 Commissioner Herman Conway about the roads. He said he knows the roads are horrible and that he's doing everything he can to fix them. However, the residents have a different story.

Driving around Precinct 1 is like riding in a roller coaster. The car is constantly shaking and throwing you from side to side. Some of the roads are in such horrible condition, they would cause damage to smaller cars.

Precinct 1 resident Robert McKee said "It's the worst I've ever seen them and the problems with roads started in 2008 when the oil industry moved in... They seem to be getting worse because the heavy trucks have ground the rock down into the sand."

Everyone knows why the roads are in such horrible condition, and in some spots they can be dangerous.

"[There are] very narrow roads. You have some areas that have bridge signs missing. There are stops signs missing and street signs missing. If you have people trying to find you they will never know where they are at," said Precinct 1 resident Jerry Kovar.

Residents are just frustrated in why they haven't seen any action to fix the roads.

Kovar said "We've only seen someone in the area... 3 times in the last year." He also said he hasn't seen anyone in quite a few months.

Frequent driver of the roads Crystal Prince said it took Commissioner Conway 8 months to spend $9,000 on gravel. The previous commissioner spent $15,000 in 1 month.

Kosar said "I would feel that if you have certain amount of money that's allocated for the year. Then each month of the year, I would be out there bringing that material in and taking [it out] then trying to do it all in the last month or two [of the year]."

Not all the residents are putting the entire blame on Conway.

McKee said the budget for Precinct 1 is just not large enough for all the roads to be redone or fixed.