Wichita Falls Hero's Family Will Receive Lost Dog Tags

A young boy in Ohio found dog tags belonging to a World War II soldier with traces to Wichita Falls.

Jack Robbins was a World War II fighter pilot from Wichita Falls, was in France when his plane crash landed because of an engine failure.

A French family near by found Robbins and took care of him for the next 2 weeks.

"This French family drug him out of his plane and hid him. They ended up putting him in a briar patch and the family would crawl for six or seven days to bring him food," said the great granddaughter of Jack Robbins Destany Robbins.

Robbins eventually left the family in France and was soon caught by German soldiers. Robbins was held as a prisoner of war and remained until the war ended.

After the war, Robbins went back to the United States and worked and lived in Amarillo, Texas before returning to Wichita Falls where he died in 1969.

Years later in France, a man came across a dog tag stating "Jack B. Robbins, 1502 15th Street Wichita Falls, TX".

The man who found the tags searched for who they belonged to for 15 years before giving them to a family friend in Ohio.

The son of the family in Ohio who has the tags reached out to the Robbins family through a World War II pilot author.

"It would mean the world to me to be able to thank that family for spending all these years. They have spent years trying to find us and not giving up and kept going until they did find us," said daughter-in-law of Jack Robbins Cheryl Robbins.

The young boy plans to present the dog tags to Robbins' Family in Ohio on Monday, Veteran's Day.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6

Video and Photos provided by: KFDA Amarillo, TX