Cops and Robber 5K

The Wichita Falls Crime Stoppers hosted its first Cops and Robbers 5K Race Saturday.

The MPEC served as the starting point for the race.

 Participants dressed up as their favorite cop or robber.

 There were more than 250 participants in this years race.

Event coordinators, Brian Bohn and Joseph Robeson told us why they chose to hold this kind of fundraising event.

 "We are just trying to come up with new kinds of fund raisers for crime stoppers, 5k's are pretty popular right now so we wanted to get involved with the 5k, and get the community involved. Bring it to the down town area and get everyone downtown," Bohn said.

 Crime Stoppers is a non-profit organization. All of the proceeds from the event will help continue to support the Wichita Falls Crime Stoppers.