Interfaith Ministries

Interfaith Ministries a group aimed at helping those in need regardless of their regardless of their religious beliefs. There are twenty five churches that have pledged support to Interfaith Ministries.
    The groups helps just over 200 families each month. In the past the groups has been able to flex their assistance muscles to help people with everything paying rent, to making sure there is food on the table, medical emergencies and all sorts of other basic needs.
    The organization has remained true to helping people in need since it was first formed to help the nearly 1/5th of the town that was flattened by a devastating tornado in April of 1979. The amount of different people left without a home inspired members from all congregations and different faith to come together to rebuild the area.
    Interfaith Ministries is located at 1101 11th Street in Wichita Falls. To contact them directly, call (940) 322-1365. They are very reliant on contributions to help Texomans in need. So if you want to volunteer help or donate, they are more than willing to talk.