Struggling Veterans

Many veterans were being honored for putting their country before themselves, but many weren't.

Jennifer Newsom, Office Manager at Faith Mission, said "Veteran homelessness is very real here in Wichita Falls...We do have a client population of veterans, but many of them live on the streets."

Many of the ones who are struggling didn't recently return. Newsom said "I think people don't realize, it's not just the younger ones coming home from recent wars. We have an older veteran population."

The older veterans have the harder time transitioning back.

"[They're] not as easily employable. [They don't] necessarily receive disability benefits. They're older and it's harder for them to find their way in a digital world," said Newsom.

However, Newsom said some veterans won't receive help because they believe its a sign weakness. Once they do decide to get help. It's not that easy to get them to open up.

"There are a lot of mental health issues and obstacles that we have to over come, but the number one thing is that we have build that trust and ensure them that these benefits are there because they gave for our country," said Newsom.

She believes that the community should encourage veterans, especially older ones, to seek help. There are a lot of resources available to them. Faith Mission is just one.

When veterans go to Faith Mission for help. Faith Mission makes sure the veterans have all their benefit paper work filled out. They also make sure the veterans are in good health.

Veteran Crisis Line: 1-800-273-8255
Texas Veterans Commission: (940)-322-1801 EXT. 127
Veteran Affairs Clinic in Wichita Falls: (940)-723-2373