Other towns affected by Stage 4

Wichita Falls is not the only town that will be affected by Wichita Falls stage 4 drought restrictions. There are 9 other cities that will be affected from these drought restrictions and have to follow the same rules and regulations as Wichita Falls if they want to keep receiving water from the city. Those 9 towns are Archer City, Burkburnett, Holliday, Iowa Park, Lakeside City, Olney, Pleasant Valley, Scotland, and Windthorst. Those same 9 towns will have adhere to the same surcharges, however water rates in those towns will not increase unless a special session is called into place.   
    Burkburnett Assistant City Director Mike Whaley says that while they will follow the new stage 4 rules they hope to water self reliant in the future. Whaley says the town is moving fast to increase their water production level by opening up bids to 25 new wells. The city has been publishing ads for the bids for quite some time. On December 4th the town will be hosting a pre bid meeting on the water wells, on December 12th the bids will be allowed and the town plans to award a bid by late January.