Electra Petition Denied

Electra City Commissioners have ruled one of the petitions given to them in October as invalid.

Once again, Electra's City Chambers were will filled with citizens to discuss the outcome of a petition submitted to the City requesting an amendment to the City's Charter.

On October 15th, 2 petitions were brought to Electra's City Hall. One, to amend the city's charter to include an initiative referendum and to give Electra Citizens more power when it comes to the performance of city leaders. The other petition requested the removal of City Administrator, Larry Pannell from office.

"The City Charter is way outdated. It was probably 1911 when it was written and there is a lot of things that don't go with the state laws," said Electra Citizen Rogers Lankford.

Of the 190 signatures on the petition to change Electra's Charter, only 168 were verified.

The petition to change the City's Charter was ruled as invalid because the majority of signatures were not dated.

"I was kind of upset because I thought that I had put everything on there they had told me to. We're still going to go forward. It's an inherent rule and we won't have to go through this but we will be going on with our petition," said Electra resident Sue Howell.

"I was surprised but not completely. I was disappointed, but maybe it's the best because as we found out there may be some other ways to go about what we wanted to do in the first place," said Lankford.

Though the petition was invalid, City Leaders plan to discuss the Charter in further detail at the next City Commissioners meeting.

"We found out it was an inherent law that and that we should have that right without it being written. The City Attorney is going to check on all that for us to make sure it's correct," said Howell.

Electra petitioners plan to be prepared with a new petition having both signatures and dates.

City Administrator, Larry Pannell was not at Tuesday's City Commissioners meeting due to family concerns. However, the petition requesting to remove him from office was briefly discussed.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6