Wichita Falls City Water Cutbacks

The city of Wichita Falls is taking even bigger strives to cut back its water usage within the cities departments. The parks and recreation department is going to be shutting off all its hundreds of thousands of irrigation systems within the parks over the next few days.
    The Wichita falls parks and recreation department director Jack Murphy explains that while some fountains remain on for now all will be shut off by Saturday. Some of the water in the parks will The Falls that the city is known for will remain on but that's only because they use
recycled water.
        Murphy went onto explain that there is a fine distinction between The Falls and other fountains that rely upon portable drinking water. Parks and recreation is also going to cease planting new flower beds within the city as well as cease from watering current beds. The parks
and recreation department is not the only city department that is cutting back and conserving their water.
        Wichita Falls Fire Battalion Chief Mike Davis says that all the city stations have taken action by not watering lawns, not watering down trucks, getting rid of ice machines, and even using less water during training. In fact they have been able to cut down their water usage by
72.9% in the last year.     
        Davis says that there is no way for them to conserve water and fight off structures. However, they have been able to conserve water when it comes to grass fires. According to Davis what they do is put out the flames surrounding the grass fire and let it burn from off from the inside. Its still considered a safe way to put out the fire, but most
importantly it helps conserve water.