Stage Four Drought Tees Off

Golf Courses are some of the many businesses soon to be affected by Stage 4: Drought Disaster restrictions.

Saturday, Stage 4 Drought restrictions will begin.

According to Stage 4 restrictions, it will be unlawful to water golf courses, tee boxes, and fairways from the city's water system.

Local business, Weeks Golf Course is one of many courses that will be affected.

Weeks' Course uses a retention pond and when water is no longer in the pond, the course will not be able to use the City's water.

"The supply line coming into our pond to fill our irrigation system is going to be cut off. Once it's gone, it's gone. We could always refill our pond and we can't do that anymore," said General Manager at Weeks Golf Course, Tommy Isbell.

Weeks Golf Course has felt as though they have been in Stage 4 Drought restrictions since the early stages, but will still plan to continue to conserve.

"We'll be watering by hand a lot versus using sprinkler systems. We're trying to keep the greens alive as along as we can," said Isbell.

However, Weeks Golf Course does have a back up plan in order.

"I've contacted some people in Charlie and other areas that have some water wells and we've made some arrangements to start trucking water and use their water to keep the greens alive. We're trying to get a permit to pump out of Holliday's creek, so we're looking at every option," said Isbell.

Using water from surrounding areas will be costly, but Weeks Golf course plans to do the best it can to keep the City's investment alive.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6