8th Street Irrigation

The location on 8th where the Wichita General Hospital once stood, is now covered with irrigation pipes.

Lately, many Texomans have had concerns on the reasons for the pipes and if they were using the City's water.

"The purpose of the pipes is to establish irrigation on the site. The vegetation will prevent erosion and sediment from  running off the site into the storm drain system," said Environmental Coordinator for WIchita Falls,  Drew Bregly.

To answer a lot of Texomans concerns, the irrigation pipes at this site are not using the City's water.

"That water is coming from the River Road Waste Water Treatment Plant. It's reused water and it's non potable, you cant drink it. Normally, it would just go down the effluent," said Bregly.

Since, the irrigation pipes on 8th Street are using non potable water, the Stage 4 Drought restrictions, which will go in to affect Saturday, will not affect the site.

The irrigation pipes will continue to use non potable water until the Water Reuse Project begins in January.

"They're hauling in non potable water to several tanks located at the site  and from these tanks they're taking the non potable water and pumping it through an irrigation system," said Bregly.

United Regional Hospital, who now owns the 8th Street site says the primary need to water this area to comply with regulations of the Texas Environmental Quality Control.

United Regional Hospital also says they will continue to water this site until 70% of it is covered with vegetation.

The irrigation pipes have now been at 8th Street for about a month.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6