Carter Aviation Reaches Milestone

The Carter Aviation Technologies once again made a historic mark.
Carter Aviation broke the mu-1 barrier Saturday. this is only the second time in aviation history.

This aircraft design has similar capabilities of a helicopter, with features like the speed and efficiency of the aircraft and the safety feature that acts like a parachute in the event of a power failure.

We spoke with one of the pilots who flew the aircraft Saturday, and he shared with us why this type of aircraft is so technologically advanced.

"What makes it unique is we can spin the router up really fast like a helicopter really fast then add collective pitch it jumps up into the air so it doesn't require a run way to take off then as you speed up the wings start lifting away to the aircraft the rotor slows down the drag goes away that's the big deal," pilot Larry Neal said.

Carter had made history previously with their first generation SR/C prototype breaking the mu-1 barrier in June of 2005.