Court Martial Hearing

A Court Martial was held Monday at Sheppard Air Force Base to determine the fate of a 20 year old Airman.

The Court Martial was held for Airman First Class, Nicholas Busch.

Busch chose to be tried by a military judge only versus being tried by a jury.

Busch originally had 5 charges against him:
1. Fraudulent Enlistment
2. Absent without leave (AWOL)
3. Sign false official statement
4. Sexual abuse of a child; lewd act with indecent conduct
5. offenses under the assimilated act

However, Busch only pleaded guilty to 4 of the 5 charges. The 5th charge (Offenses under the assimilated act), was dismissed.

During the trial, Busch said he knew he had provided false information to the Air Force Recruiter when he applied to enlist.

Busch also knew the age of the minor he was engaging in sexual activities with.

During the sentencing phase, prosecutors brought in about 6 witnesses, ranging from Busch's former probation officer to 2 agents who had worked on his case.

After an hour of deliberation, the judge sentenced Busch to 6 years confinement, forfeiture of all paid allowances, reduction in grade to E1 and dishonorable discharge.

To date, Busch has been confined for 102 days.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6