Million Dollar Pipe

Wichita Falls City Council approved a water project costing more than $1-million.

The PPG Industries project was one of the many items on Tuesday's agenda at the City Council meeting.  The city will fund PPG for a water use project.  The project would save over 200,000 gallons of water a day.

Many leaders spoke favorably of the proposed project because it would allow the company to use recycled water from the Northside pump station verses potable water.  It would also allow PPG Industries, a company who has been in Wichita Falls for 39 years, to keep jobs here in the city.  However, the pipeline also allows the possibility for other business in the future to utilize the same line.

The total project cost is $1,623,000 with the city footing the bulk of the bill with a price tag of $1,145,00. PPG will also have to fund some of the project. It will cost PPG $478,000 to fund the project. The city also passed a resolution to allocate $124,000 of the city project budget towards engineering and design contract for pipe, PPG will allocate $35,000 of their project budget towards the same engineering and design contract.

The project is expected to be completed by the summer of 2014.