JFK Anniversary

This week it will be 50 years after John F. Kennedy was assassinated and the pain remains searing for millions of Americans.

It was a loss so deep that they can still remember the awful words uttered by Walter Cronkite, the anchorman for the CBS News.

Walter Cronkite said, "From Dallas, Texas, a flash ... President Kennedy died at 1:00p.m., Central Standard Time, some 38 minutes ago..."

John F. Kennedy was 46, the youngest president in our history, and when he was cut down, the hopes and dreams he fostered seemed to be cut down with him.

Along with 9/11, his murder remains, for millions of Americans, the single most traumatic event in our history.  JFK is frozen in America's memory forever.

Approximately 40,000 books have been written about Kennedy since his death, according to the New York Times, many of them hitting the bookstores this fall.

In honor of the 50th Anniversary of his death Dallas County government buildings will be closed Friday.

The buildings closed will include courts buildings, the county tax office and the county elections department.

The city of Dallas has planned a solemn ceremony on Friday in Dealey Plaza, where Kennedy's motorcade was passing through when shots rang out from the Texas School Book Depository.

That building now houses county offices on the first five floors and the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza on the sixth and seventh floors. On Friday, the museum will open at 3:00p.m. CST, after the conclusion of the city's ceremony.

Several streets near Dealey Plaza will be closed for the Friday event.

shots rang out from the Texas School Book Depository.