Drought Watch: Allred Prison

Stage 4 Drought Restrictions have affected both the employees and inmates at the Allred Prison.

The Allred Unit is one of the largest prisons operated by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice with about 900 employees and over 3,000 inmates.

"We purchase the water from the city of Wichita Falls. We've had these conservation efforts underway for quite sometime," said Spokesperson for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Jason Clark.

Considering Allred Prison has been conserving water since the early drought stages, employees and inmates have different ways of conserving.

Some of the conserving techniques include, no longer washing state vehicles, eliminating the watering of outside plants and gardens and monitoring water pitchers during meals to ensure all water is used prior to refill.

"Some of the showers for instance, in the expansion  cell blocks, have timers that are programmed to allow showers on and off only at set times. Whenever we have a report of a leak, we're fixing those immediately and also no washing of side walks or floors," said Clark.

Water usage has gone down at Allred about 4 million gallons since last year.

Allred has also reduced the water cost from about $60,000 in September 2012 to about $50,000 in August 2013.

"We're just holding open conversations with staff and offenders about the need for conservation while stressing the need to limit flushing the toilets and running water and other things unnecessarily," said Clark.

Clark said, "The Texas Department of Criminal Justice will only continue to look for ways to conserve water at the Allred Unit."

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6