Pecan Prices

Pecan prices are lower than they have been in three years, but the newest crops lack of production could cause prices to go back up. According to the Texas Farm Bureau the price of Pecans has gone down from 16 ounces priced $10.21 to $8.95.

It's the lowest price in the last three years, but that might not last for long. According to local pecan orchard manager Jake Montz the lack of production in the latest 2013 crop will force the price to go back up to $10 for 16 ounces. Prices have been fluctuating since 2011, Montz says the bad weather is the cause.

However, the problem in not isolated to Texas, Georgia the nations leading pecan producer also saw problems with their most recent crop. Where a drought and lack of water hurt and hindered production in the lone star state, too much rain washed out chances of a productive crop in Georgia. Prices of non shelled pecans will also go up, Montz says it will cost above $5 for 16 ounces of non shelled pecans.