New Water Worries

The opening of new businesses in Wichita Falls is raising water concerns for some residents.

Between the intersection of Call Field and Lawrence Road construction crews are busy, putting the final touches on some new developments. Newschannel Six has been keeping a close eye on these projects.

"We have a couple of restaurants that are about to open," said Bobby Teague, Assistant Director of Community Development.  "We have the Wasabi Grill over there on Call Field and also the Natural Foods.

While residents understand new business brings in jobs, they are not so optimistic that this is the right time.

"We need to expand what we are doing right now, but I don't think we have the resources to do it," said Sharon Portman, a Texoma resident of 50 years. "With our water situation, I don't think it's a good idea."

Combine water levels at Lake Arrowhead and Kickapoo are at 29.5 percent. And the city has not seen any significant rainfall in over a month.

"They're trying to get PPG right now where they can use recycled water and that's a big help, but other [businesses] it's just going to take more water and we don't have it."

Others just do not think these businesses will make a huge difference in encouraging people to come to Wichita Falls.

"We do need the businesses -- we do need business here for employment," said Don Moer. "But I don't know if small businesses will bring people here."

Both Wasabi Grill and Natural Foods combined are expected to bring 40 new jobs to Texoma and plan to open their doors on Dec. 5.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6