Only On 6: A Walk With Irene- 3 Month Checkup

Only On 6: A Walk With Irene- 3 Month Checkup Part 1

It's been 3 months since we began our journey with a Texoma woman, who's allowing us to document her path to a new life.

Newschannel 6 is covering this story in hopes of helping anyone else who may also be battling obesity.

This summer, Newschannel 6 Anchor Ashley Fitzwater, took you inside the operating room as 44-year-old Irene underwent a popular weight loss surgery called the gastric sleeve.

This check-in with Irene was full of first's.

Irene's first shopping trip, first time out to eat, and even first trip to the doctor since the life changing surgery.

When Irene first started this journey in august 2013, she weighed 335 pounds.

At our last check in September 2013, she hit her first goal of 299 pounds!

Irene celebrated by eating out for the first time since her surgery, but the afternoon also proved to help her overcome a fear of spiraling backwards.

"It wasn't like I wanted to ravish the whole thing. I tasted it, and it was satisfying and I moved on to the next thing." said Irene.

And the pounds just keep falling off. In 10 weeks, she has gone from a 5X to 2X shirts.

Which forced Irene to face another anxiety, shopping.

"I don't like to go shopping, it's something that I have never enjoyed doing because it's very depressing at times." said Irene.

But the decision to go, paid off in more ways than one.

Irene's daughter Arianna said it allowed them to go shopping together at the same store. Something they have never been able to do.

"I'm just really proud of her, and now maybe we might even like to go shopping." said Arianna.

After her shopping trip it was time for Irene's 3 month check up at My Bariatric Solutions.

A day she had been anxiously awaiting.

When it was finally time to weigh in, the results were impressive!

Irene dropped 52 pounds in 3 months, bringing her weight to 283 pounds.

Overall she lost about 39 inches.

She lost 1" around her neck, 4" around her thighs, and 17" around her waist.

It's those big numbers that are helping prove to Irene her transformation is real.

Family Nurse Practitioner Debbie McDougall is now providing Irene's care at My Bariatric Solutions. She said Irene is above the curve and doing very well.

McDougall focused on Irene's diabetes and said, "Diabetes affects so many things, your eyes, kidneys heart vessels in your body. So the quicker you can come off the better your body will compensate for that."

Irene's blood sugar is now in a normal range, with medication. She is down to just 1 pill, from the 4 she was taking before surgery.

Doctors expect the next time Irene comes in she can be taken off that medication.

As she loses the extra weight, she is gaining a more fulfilling life to spend with loved ones.

All the motivation she needs to continue down a path to a healthier Irene.

With the holiday's coming up Irene has a plan in place so she doesn't undo everything she has done.

She bought a small scoop, almost like what you scoop ice cream with, and plans to go down the line and taste everything so she feels satisfied.

And most importantly not deprived of her favorite foods.