Parents Bring Teachers Thanksgiving Meal

It was an early Thanksgiving for one elementary school in Wichita Falls.
Parents of students said thanks to the Burgess staff Wednesday with a Thanksgiving feast after school. The parents just wanted to reach out and give a pat on the back to the people who work so hard to educate their kids.

"We appreciate everything that they do, so we wanted to give back to them especially during the month of November for Thanksgiving," said Burgess Elementary parent Lisa Luster.

The teachers were nothing less than appreciative.

"I think it's just such a shock and it just fills our hearts with gratitude," said 3rd grade teacher Courtney Smith. "We love this job, we do it because of the kids and to see that the parents appreciate it and they've gone out of their way to have such a wonderful dinner for us and awards for us. It's just very meaningful."

The parents told us that the teachers are always the first ones to help when they come to the school with a project or a concern. It was the least the parents said they could do to say thank you.