Texomans Prepare for the Cold

Winter weather is castings its shadow over Texoma, and has people flocking to stores to buy cold weather related products.

"Prepare yourself for the bad weather. It's quite important because especially in Texas, our weather changes often," said Lowe's Home Improvement Commercial Sales Specialist Mike Sharp.

With temperatures dropping, the products are flying off shelves at Lowe's Home Improvement and other stores.

"We had a lot of people buying a lot of outside covers and things like that. Ice scrapers for the car and insulation for under the air conditioning unit are helpful. There are several different things customers can buy like heat strips," said Sharp.

Other products like ice shield are also helpful. Spreading ice shield on sidewalks and roads will break the ice, preventing people from slipping and falling. Customers are purchasing these products for one good reason.

"The cost of preparing is a lot less than having to fix major problems that can happen from the ice," said customer Robert Irving.

"It's important to buy these things because if not, people are going to spend a lot of money on the plumbers to fix it," said customer Tim Sanders.

So for those that don't want to pay the price later, preparation is key.

Besides homes and vehicles, Texomans should keep an eye on plants and pets during the winter blast.

Cynthia Kobayashi, Newschannel Six.