Winter Blast: Just a Start in Texoma?

Winter Blast: Just a Start in Texoma?

Get your jackets out, maybe your hat and gloves too. Temperatures in Wichita Falls expected to dip below 30 degrees tomorrow morning.

"It's definitely going to turn really, really cold, probably the coldest we've seen this year," said Skywarn 6 Certified Chief Meteorologist Ken Johnson.

Tomorrow's forecast is windy and cold with a chance of rain and sleet, high temperature at 38 degrees and low at 30 degrees.

Johnson explains a drop in temperatures overnight does not indicate what winter will be like this year.

"Weather patterns have a way of balancing themselves out," said Johnson.  "We see a period of cold weather now and then we'll see probably a period of warm weather later on as we head into the winter months. And then we'll see a bounce of cold weather as well mixed into the bunch."

Either way Texoma residents should make preparations for what tomorrow will bring.

"Just be careful if you're going to be traveling," said Johnson. If you come up to some of those bridges and overpasses they can be a little bit slick and can result in some accidents."

While roadways maybe slick tomorrow he does not expect them to be a problem going into next week.

"It just looks like it's going to warm up as we head into the Thanksgiving holiday and I don't expect travel problems at all beyond this weekend, "said Johnson.

So when you walk out the door tomorrow, do not forget your jacket, drive safely, and put the holiday worries to rest.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6