Lights Out?

A local electric business has already started to prep for chilly evening.

Oncor Electric, one of the largest electric companies in Texas, has all hands on deck for the current cold temperatures in Texoma.

"As cold weather approaches we always an implement a winter-ization plan where we check trucks and make sure all of the chains are in proper condition and all the tires are ready to go," said Area Manager for Oncor Electric, Sue Mercer.

For Thursday night, Oncor has even put some employees on stand by.

"The particular crew that is on call, we have alerted them that there is a possibility depending on the strength of the storms that they could be called in," said Mercer.

Oncor Electric encourages Texoma residents to be prepared in case of an outage.

"We do encourage the public to call any outages that they have to the number that's designated on their electric bill. If lines are down, don't go near the lines, call 911 so that we can be sure the power is off," said Mercer.

Oncor also continues to emphasize safety not only for employees, but for the public as well.

"We don't want customers to make repairs on their lines. We have certified line-men who will do the repairs. We also want customers to be careful if there using a portable heater, they should beware of fire hazards or overload situations which could cause a circuit in their homes," said Mercer.

At the end of the Thursday workday, Oncor Employees will make sure everything is filled with fuel and the trucks are stocked with the materials the need.

If Texoma residents aren't able to get in touch with the Oncor number on their electric bill they can the Oncor Call Center at 1-888-313-4747. 

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6