Road Preparations

The Texas Department of Transportation urges Texoma residents to make preparations for this weekend's winter weather.

"Right now you need all of your mind on the road and both hands on the wheel," said   Adele Lewis, Public Information Officer for TxDOT.

Lewis says while crews are working diligently to ensure their safety, drivers should also do their part.

"Make sure that they are going out in a vehicle that can stand these type of weather conditions," said Lewis. "What conditions are your tires in, do you have a full tank of gas, do you have a survival kit in your car, and a window scraper to take the ice off."

TxDOT workers are working 12-hour shifts around the clock and are ready for whatever the weather will bring.

"At three o'clock this morning our employees started work," said Lewis. "They came in and started pre-treating bridges and overpasses with freeze guard."

TxDOT says they have a number of methods for treating roadways:

  • Freezeguard (Magnesium Chloride Liquid)

used before and after winter storms; used to pre-treat bridges and overpasses before precipitation hits.

  • Meltdown 20 (Magnesium Chloride Crystals)

used after precipitation has stopped fallen to melt snow and ice.

  • De-Icing Stone

used to provide traction for tires.

  • Crushed Limestone

more cost efficient and traction control for rural and lower volume roadways.

  • Salt (Sodium Chloride)

works better in subzero conditions.

While crews were out early to prepare roads for drivers, rain in Texoma activated chemicals too early.

"We got too much rain and precipitation before the frozen precipitation started and activated the chemical and washed it off the roadway."

However, TxDOT says they will remain on standby until the weather conditions clear up, but still wants to encourage drivers to take it slow.

"We have issues with people just driving too fast, they think they can drive the speed limit in these type of conditions and they can't," said Lewis.