Icy Roads

The winter weather blew through Texoma last night, making driving conditions hard to deal with.

Currently, Wichita Falls has measures in place to clear the streets of ice and what may soon be snow.

Larry Krugle, the Street Superintendent for Wichita Falls, had a debriefing with the National Weather Service on Friday to discuss future and current plans to clear icy and potential snowy roads.

"We start with a couple of ice chat spreaders putting the sand out. We've got that through this evening. As you get more freezing conditions, we'll add other equipment. If it starts snowing we're prepared. We have people standing by to come to work along with the equipment available," said Krugle.

Texomans are advised to be safe if they have to be on the roads during the inclement weather.

"Stay home if possible. Don't travel at all if you can and make sure that you leave enough distance between yourself and other vehicles. Also keep your eyes open for the trucks who are putting the ice chat down or plowing snow," said Krugle.

Wichita Falls' main priority is to clear only the major streets with ice for now.

"The residential streets are not a high priority as your main feeder streets are, like Kemp and Taft and Midwestern. Those are the ones we can concentrate on with what we have," said Krugle.

There are specific streets Texomans should be careful of when traveling.

"Be careful on Kemp and anything from north of Kell. There's as many as 2 or 3 sections there where water passes across Kemp," said Krugle.

There are workers Friday night who will be dispatched by the Wichita Falls Police Department. If there are any issues with ice, police dispatchers will call the sand trucks and put the sand where it is needed.

Wichita Falls does not anticipate any street closures, but there will be a good amount of people and equipment available to clear the current ice.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6