Careless Drivers Cause Of Multiple Accidents

On Friday, there were more than 81 reported accidents just in Wichita Falls and the number continued to rise throughout the weekend.

"We have had wrecks all over West Texas throughout this entire storm event," said Texas Department of Transportation Public Information Officer Adele Lewis.

Most accidents were a direct result of icy roads, but that wasn't the only contributing factor. Lewis states careless drivers had a lot to do with it.

"We see a lot of terrible driving. We see people going way too fast for the conditions," she said.

"I saw a lot of people in four-wheel drives. They were going extremely fast," said Wichita Falls resident Kyle Kidwell.

"I've seen plenty of bad drivers. The most are people in big trucks that think they can handle all that ice, and a lot of times, they can't," said Eric Winniewicz, another Wichita Falls resident.

Winter weather calls for different kinds of precipitation including rain, snow and sleet. The most dangerous, is ice. TxDOT workers have been working around the clock to keep the roads clear of ice. But despite the treated roads, drivers need to take some responsibility.

"We're going up against mother nature and things beyond our control. But your control is how fast you drive. Your control is how bald your tires are or how they're not bald," said Lewis.

To avoid getting into accidents, drivers should always keep safety in mind.

"I just make sure to keep a good distance from the crazy drivers. I can't afford another vehicle so I got to take care of the one I got," said Kidwell.

"Take that time. It's better to be late to somewhere you need to go and get there safely," said Winniewicz.

TxDOT will continue to monitor the roads and keep crews on stand-by until the winter weather is over. When drivers come across a TxDOT snow plow or vehicle, drivers are required by law to slow down.

Cynthia Kobayashi, Newschannel Six.