County Candidates

Thirteen candidates were at the Wichita County Courthouse to announce they were running for Wichita County elected positions. Today's announcement took place at 1 p.m. on the second floor of the courthouse building. There were many who announced they were running for re-election, there were also those who had never run before.

While much of the attention was focused around Wichita County Judge Woodrow "Woody" Gossom announcement to run for re-election. Wichita County Commissioner of Precinct 2 Pat Norriss announced that she would not seek another term after serving four consecutive terms in office.

Some of the new faces included Bill Lockwood, who seeks to win the Precinct 2 County Commissioner position and Jeff Watts who is running for the Precinct 4 position. While thirteen candidates showed up at the courthouse to announce they would run for elected county positions, there is still time for others to file to run for a county spot. The deadline to file for is Monday, December 9th. The primary elections begin March 4th.