Thanksgiving Travel

Thanksgiving travel delays shines light on new Wichita Falls Travel Center.

Early Monday morning Wichita Falls Travel Center employees were scrambling trying to find new means of transportation for dozens of people traveling for the holidays.

"Greyhound cancelled its buses starting at noon due to the weather that was coming out of the Dallas area," said Jenny Stevens, Wichita Falls Travel Center Supervisor. "Since Dallas is a main hob they cancelled all the routes going out of or going through Dallas and with that they did cancel the routes coming into Wichita Falls."

The travel center estimates between 20-60 passengers were affected by Monday's cancellation.

"Passengers who were suppose to board the buses this morning they did get notification that the buses had been cancelled or delayed. And also if they weren't able to, the bus didn't come in we did put them on a taxi on the charge of greyhound and sent them to the place that they needed to be," said Stevens.

The center opened its doors on Nov. 5 and says now that it's the holiday season, tickets sales have been increasing.

"We're seeing lots of people coming in, lots of people picking up, lots of taxis being used, but departing we're seeing a lot of those too," said Stevens. "Airmen are trying to get home, MSU students; everyone is trying to get home for the holidays.'

'Right now we're selling anywhere from 10-30 tickets a day and that's just because of the holiday season," said Stevens.

Stevens hopes the trend continues and says the only way to do that is to reach out to the local community.

"For the Christmas season we're going to invite everybody back down to the travel center and want families to come down with their kids -- color ornaments for our tree that we didn't get to do for city lights because of the weather, but we would like people to come down and see the travel center and see what it is all about,' said Stevens.

The center hopes by informing local residents of its services it will help bring more people to Wichita Falls and the downtown area.

"We're trying to revitalize the downtown area and this going to help with bringing people in to see the Wichita Falls. Whether it is going to MPEC, a Midwestern State University football game or even just coming to Sheppard AFB. It's a way that families can see the airmen if their son or daughter is stationed here."

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6