Labs Down, Meth Up

The recent arrest of 33 year Scott Allen Auld and Monica Rochelle Auld are just the latest example that the city is still dealing with the manufacture and delivery of meth. Police found over four grams of meth, along with baggies and a digital scale in the house on the 3100 block of Jacqueline.
        According to Wichita Falls police Sergeant manufacturing and distribution is still a problem. Spragins says the number of labs have gone down significantly but the usage is still concerning. He says it's coming in from hundreds of miles away from across the border in mexico. While local labs use to be a problem, now meth comes in and gets broken up and distributed like other drugs.
       However unlike other drugs meth is far more addictive. According to statistics, of those who seek treatment through rehabilitation around 96% go back to using the drug. Over the last few years Spragins has been able to work to help write laws that have made is harder to cook the drug here, now he's trying to push for tougher laws that will keep the drug from being imported into Texoma.