Lock It or Lose It

The Wichita Falls Police Department were out Tuesday afternoon posting signs with tips on ways people can prevent themselves from becoming a victim of theft this holiday season.

"There will be an increase of thefts, car burglaries and things like that. So we always want to remind people of simple tips to protect their valuables when there out and about," said Sgt. John Spragins, WFPD Public Information Officer. "

Jaqueline Quinney a holiday shopper was very disappointed to hear about the thought of criminals taking advantage of individuals during the holiday season.

"It's so sad because it's Christmas, but it's said because the devil is busy," said Jaqueline. "People work hard for what they have. "

And with the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays quickly approaching, Spragins says it's even more likely for criminals to catch shoppers off guard.

"When it comes to this time of the year you're going to see a lot of people that are in a hurry," said Spragins.  "They're going to leave their valuables in their vehicle in plain sight. They're going to leave their vehicles unlock."

Newschannel Six talked to some shoppers about some of the things they do to avoid becoming a victim of theft.

Weldon Turner said, "If [he's] through shopping and have to go back in the store for something. I'm gone make sure everything is locked up."

"When out in the parking lot, we lock the car and keep my purchases not visible where people can see them through the window, "said Stacy Rogers.

Spragins says if shoppers just follow a few simple steps such as:

1)      Lock your car

2)      Take your keys

3)      Hide your belongings

It can decrease individual's chances of criminals targeting them.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6