Planning Members Step Down

All 5 of Bowie's Planning and Zoning Commission members were on the chopping block for an issue that's been going on since July.
The plan for Bowie's Special Meeting Tuesday night was to discuss the removal of all of the Planning and Zoning commission members.

"We investigated it and we collectively thought there was enough evidence. So we met with each of them and told them that we are starting preceding's to resolve the PZ. The only question I asked them was, did they want to bring it to a public hearing and that they had 10 days to respond, said Mayor of Bowie, Gene Brown.

Shortly after the Executive Session Tuesday evening, it was announced by the City of Bowie's attorney that all 5 members chose to resign. Earlier this year allegations were made and brought to city officials attention that Planning and Zoning members were conducting in an unethical matter.

"According to the paper and everything there has been a violation of open public law meetings," said Brown.

2 weeks ago, there was a scheduled meeting to discuss this matter, but it was pushed back because members wanted to have a public meeting after all the back and forth.

"We publicized it through our legal channels and posted everything for the public. It was they're attorney who notified us they wanted to have a public hearing before they were resolved." said Brown.

Mayor Brown also said, "I am both surprised and am not about tonight's decision, but now that it's over I hope to get on with the City's usual business."

Even thought many of the residents who were in attendance at Tuesday's meeting are still confused as to why the City chose to remove the 5 members, they do believe that Bowie is losing a lot of talent and knowledge.

With Bowie now down 5 Planning and Zoning Commission members, the Mayor will soon call a meeting to fill those empty seats.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6