“Fill The Truck” Toy Drive

“Fill The Truck” Toy Drive

The Walmarts in Wichita Falls are collecting toys for Operation Santa Claus!

It’s called the “Fill The Truck” Toy Drive because the box looks like a truck!  They are located at the front entrances of each of the three Walmart locations in the falls.

Store Manager Wade Perry said they try to save people money year round so they can save up, but realize people still need help during this time of year.

Wade said, “It could be the difference to whether they have a pleasant holiday coming up or not.  The big thing is we want everybody to get what they want from Santa Claus.  That’s probably the biggest thing we do.”

The toy drive is a nationwide Walmart effort.  With only a little shopping time left before the holidays, Wade said they want to help residents in any way they can.