Retail Rush

Retail Rush

Black Friday is all about money, which is why more retail stores are opening up their doors earlier this year than last year. Does more shopping hours mean less moments spent with family? Black Friday is meant termed because stores can go from the red into the black by the end of the year. Many stores in Texoma are also opening earlier than they did in previous years.

According to the National Retail Federation there is $602.1 billion that will be spent during the entire holiday season, from November through December. There is an expected 140 million who will shop on Thanksgiving weekend. According to Target manager Kerry Beavers more hours could mean more business.

"Being open at 8 p.m. there would be a lot of people that will come that wouldn't if it was later. People have a choice if they wanna they can, if they wanna stay home with family they can do that too."

Earlier hours will hopefully lead to less crowds, meaning a safer shopping experience. Walmart manager Wade Perry says there is nothing worth buying to get hurt over.

"It definitely helps alleviate the stress of the shopping experience and get around to different items."

While some like Ramona Smith are excited about the holiday shopping season others are focused on the holiday itself, like Glynda Dowling. They also feel for those who have to work during the holiday season. NRF says An estimated 720,000 to 780,000 seasonal workers will be hired by retailers this holiday season.

"I'm hoping people will get some time off from work and get to enjoy their family like were gonna get to enjoy ours."

According to the NRF holiday season sales can account for 20% to 40% of a retailers annual sales.