Tipsy Teens

Tipsy Teens
 The odds of getting into a car accident increases during the holidays and even more on Thanksgiving Eve, because of underage drunk drivers. 

According to Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, 'Black Wednesday' is the deadliest night for underage drinkers,"In 2012, car crashes were the leading cause of death for teens and 25 percent involved teens underage drinking."

"Anytime we have underage drinking it's not acceptable at all and it's certainly a danger, "said Clay County Sheriff Kenny Lemons.  "Our county has lost more than its share of young people to accidents involving alcohol within the last five to ten years," Lemons said. 

To keep drivers safe the Sheriff says he encourages his officers to stay vigilant at all times.

"There are constantly looking at all the vehicles that are around them. You know up and down the roads, "said Lemons.  "Making sure everyone is driving correctly and they look out for all the indicators of that kind of behavior." 

However, authorities are limited to the highway, because in the state of Texas it is legal for minors to consume alcoholic beverages with the consent of a parent.

"It's their choice. Certainly, if that underage person is with their mother or their father then that's their choice to do that, that's completely fine," said Lemons.

The sheriff says if parents do allow their teens to drink, make sure they do it responsibly.

"Monitor their movements. Don't let them drive. Don't let them get away from you. Always keep them in your sight and keep them safe. Keep them alive, "said Lemons. 

Because if not they too can become a statistic. 

"It's a very tragic when anyone loses their life in a motor vehicle accident, especially one that can be avoided, said Lemons.  "Anytime you lose a young person. You're losing your future."