Texomans Celebrate 'Operation Thanksgiving'

Texomans Celebrate 'Operation Thanksgiving'
Many Texomans welcomed military men and women stationed at Sheppard Air Force Base to their homes Thursday to celebrate Thanksgiving.

For the last 37 years SAFB has been hosting its 'Operation Thanksgiving' event. 

Navy veteran Larry Jordan has participated in the event for two years and this year invited four airmen to spend the day at his home.

First year Airmen Ciclia Simon, Mekenzie Knighten, Trisha Keller, and Elizabeth Lesczynnsky, joined Larry and wife Ruth Jordan for the holiday.

Larry planned the day with outside activities that included: riding his tractor, motorcycle and taking his 'little red car' for a spin.

"For these young ladies, this is probably the first time they are away from home during the holiday, said Larry.

Larry Jordan spent over 30 years in the Navy and says many holidays he was away from his daughters. That's why 'Operation Thanksgiving' and these four airmen mean so much to him.

"I'm giving back to my girls through these four girls," said Jordan.

And for his sacrifice these women were thankful.

"It feels good. Let's me know there is still good people out there," said Ciclia

"I should be thankful for alot more. I have tha lotew family here, my family," said Mekenzie.

"He already did so much for this country and now he's still giving back to us, because he knows what it's like to go through holidays without your family," said Trisha. "So he's helping us just making it a little easier."

"It feels very loving and very warm," said Elizabeth. "It's nice to know that there are families that want to take us in and help us out when we are away from our families." 

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6