Stage 2 Water Restrictions

Current water levels have warranted the Chillicothe Public Water System to place its customers under mandatory water rationing.  The City of Chillicothe is requesting to reduce its demand by 25%.  Therefore, the Chillicothe Public Water System is implementing its Stage 2 Water Use Curtailment Order in accordance with its Drought Contingency Plan for the City of Chillicothe.

The following Water Use Restrictions are in effect immediately and will remain in effect until further notice:

1.      Outside watering utilizing sprinklers or irrigation systems will only be allowed on Monday and Thursday.  However, no watering will be allowed between the hours of 10:00a.m. and 7:00p.m.  Hand watering is permitted.

2.      No washing of vehicles, boats, RV’s, or driveways is allowed.

3.      Customers with livestock tubs must maintain the float systems in good repair to alleviate any overflow.

4.      Swimming pools must be maintained to reduce evaporation and water loss due to flushing.

5.      All commercial and other known high water users are asked to reduce usage and prevent waste.

6.      Watch for leaks and notify the City of Chillicothe personnel immediately if one is found.

City of Chillicothe personnel will be monitoring usage and assisting customers in complying with the restrictions.  However, after July 18, 2011, violators of the restrictions will be subject to a temporary severance of connection and a $50 fine for reinstatement.

In order for the system to continue to provide the water required to meet the most critical needs, the City of Chillicothe respectfully requests your full cooperation and assistance in this matter.  A notice describing less stringent restrictions and/or termination of same will be issued once the City of Chillicothe can determine the restrictions are no longer needed.  However, should conditions worsen, more stringent restrictions could be placed into effect.

The current drought conditions are impacting water systems all across the State of Texas to a point where the Governor’s Office has requested the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to contact all Public Water Suppliers and ask that they implement their individual Drought Contingency Plans, regardless of whether they are experiencing difficulties meeting their demands or not.  For mmoreinformation on statewide drought conditions, please refer to the TCEQ’s website at

Should you require further information on the water restrictions or have any questions, please contact Chillicothe’s City Hall at (940) 852-5211.