Drought Restrictions – Henrietta

The City of Megargel hereby declares that Stage 3 (emergency water shortage conditions) of the drought contingency plan shall be implemented immediately as follows:

Requirements for initiation: Customers shall be required to comply with the requirements and water use restrictions provided in this Plan when the City lake levels fall to ten (10) feet below normal pool elevation.

Requirements for termination: Stage 3 of the Plan may be rescinded when the City lake levels rise to nine (9) feet below the normal pool elevation for seven (7) consecutive days,

Goal:  Achieve a 35% reduction in total water usage.

Emergency Water Usage Restrictions:

All requirements of Stage 2 shall remain in effect during Stage 3.  Under the threat of Penalty for Violation, the following water use restrictions shall also apply to all persons:

1.      Irrigation and/or watering of landscaped areas is absolutely prohibited.

2.      Use of water to wash any motor vehicle, motorbike, boat, trailer, airplane, or other vehicle is absolutely prohibited.

3.      The filling, refilling, or adding of water to swimming, wading, and Jacuzzi-type pools is absolutely prohibited.

Water Rates

Water and sewer rates will go into effect as follows:

1.      Usage of 8,000 gallons and less will not be affected

2.      Usage of 9,000 gallons and over will result in water rates of $75 per/thousand and sewer rates of $25 per/thousand.

3.      Rates will revert when Stage 3 is no longer in effect.  This increase does not apply to commercial businesses.


The Restrictions set forth in this Stage shall hot apply to the following uses of water:

1.      To alleviate conditions threatening health, safety, or welfare of the public.

2.      Municipal operations of flushing water lines for public health reasons.

3.      The suppression of fire.

4.      Commercial businesses that use water to maintain (but not expand) their primary business practices (e.g. commercial car truck washes, nurseries, turf growers, water haulers, concrete pavers, etc.)