Plesant Valley

Stage 4 Water Restrictions – Pleasant Valley

The City of Wichita Falls, put in effect Stage 4 water restrictions due to lake levels reaching a combined total of 30% capacity.

The City of Pleasant Valley is dictated by contract to follow these restrictions.  Failing to abide by these rules could result in the curtailment of the amount of water we receive from the Wichita Falls treatment plant.

As a whole, you have done a great job by conserving water since stage 3 restrictions were put in place. 

Now Stage 4 restrictions include:

1.      No outside watering with potable water including hand held hoses, soaker hoses, or automated sprinkling systems.  (Exception) Use of reclaim water or well water only will be allowed for outside watering.

2.      Swimming pools.  No topping of pools allowed.  No new construction that involves filling pools with potable water will be allowed.

3.      No washing of sidewalks nor driveways will be allowed.

4.      Allow one day a month during the month to use a soaker hose to water your foundation on your home only.  Days allowed will be as follows.  Residents South of Business 287 J will be allowed to soak their foundation only between the hours on 12:00a.m. to 4:00a.m.  On the first Monday of the month starting in December 2013.  Residents with homes on the North side of Business 287 J will be allowed to follow the same rule on the third Monday of the month starting in December 2013.

At this time water rates for usage will remain the same.  However, the City of Pleasant Valley will evaluate usage and if an increase in rate is deemed necessary to encourage conservation these will be put in place.