2014 UIL Cutoff Numbers Released

For the first time, the University Interscholastic League announced early its cutoff numbers for the 2014-2015 realignment, instead of waiting until districts are announced on February 3rd.

The biggest thing to remember, is that all classifications will move up by one letter this year. Six-man (and 1A-D2 basketball) will now simply be Class A, Class A becomes Class 2A, and so on, up to a new Class 6A.

The other big change is that the current 3A, which will become 4A next year, will split into divisions pre-season, like the current small-school classifications. This will split up our local 3A district.

Here are the complete cutoff numbers released by the UIL:

Class 6A (Current 5A): 2100-and-above

Class 5A (Current 4A): 1060-2099

Class 4A (Current 3A) Div. I: 686-1059
Class 4A (Current 3A) Div. II: 465-685

Class 3A (Current 2A) Div. I: 315-464
Class 3A (Current 2A) Div. II: 220-314

Class 2A (Current 1A) Div. I: 158-219
Class 2A (Current 1A) Div. II: 105-157

Class 1A (Current 6M) Div. I: 55-104.5
Class 1A (Current 6M) Div. II: 54-and-below

Texoma teams sorted by cutoff number and classification:

New Class 5A:
Rider 1690
WFHS 1299

New Class 4A Div. I:
Burkburnett 928
Hirschi 730
Graham 690

New Class 4A Div. II:
Iowa Park 527
Vernon 506

New Class 3A Div. I:
Bowie 447

New Class 3A Div. II:
Holliday 275
Jacksboro 266
Henrietta 262
Nocona 252
City View - no numbers available

New Class 2A Div. I:
Olney 212
Windthorst 164
Archer City 161

New Class 2A Div. II:
Quanah 157
Seymour 155
Petrolia 150
Electra 124
Munday 104*

*below cutoff but will opt to play 11-man

New Class 1A Div. I:
Knox City 96
Bryson 78
Saint Jo 72
Newcastle 63

New Class 1A Div. II:
Throckmorton 53
Forestburg 53
Chillicothe 52
Northside 44
Harrold 38
Woodson 28