Hanging Up The Lights

Hanging Up The Lights

Christmas is only 23 days away, which has many Texomans turning their homes into a winter wonderland. However, hanging up lights on your roof can be quite dangerous, and the dangers go far beyond electrical fires.

North Texas Holiday Lighting & Decor Owner Joe Nelson said the main concern is not falling when doing it.

It is recommended that you have a good ladder. It doesn't matter what kind, it could be a single, extending, or folding ladder. It just needs to be able to hold your weight plus 100 lbs.

Before you climb it, there are a few things you need to check. "You want at least two points of contact, so the ground and the roof if your using an extension ladder. If using an  A-frame the legs need to be securely on the ground, said Nelson. You should also try to avoid putting the ladder on moist ground or gravel. Ladders should only stand on dry solid ground.

"If you're uncomfortable going up, you know it. If you are uncomfortable don't do it. Stop when you get to a point when you're not comfortable. If you have a steeper roof choose something closer to the ground to light," said Nelson.

Even though the main concern doesn't have anything to do with electrical fires. Doesn't mean you shouldn't worry about them.

"The other thing safety wise is go light on the staples. If there ever could be a fire issue, it's usually has something to do with someone stapling," said Nelson. Staples can actually pinch and cut the wires.

Starting an electrical fire isn't even likely for people who over do it.

Nelson said "The breaker will pop if you connect too many strands end to end...They begin not functioning properly. There are a lot of internal safeties on the lines themselves and within the house."

People should also use a ground floor circuit intercept plug or a GFCI plug whenever possible. They're much safer than the traditional ones.

Nelson also warned Newschannel 6 that not every stable can be used on every type of roof. You need to make sure you know what kind of roof you have before you begin.