Backdoor Theatre Presents: “It’s A Wonderful Life”

Backdoor Theatre is getting ready to have another play hit the stage!

“It’s A Wonderful Life” will be opening their production on December 5th and will run until December 21st.

Back during the golden age of radio, families would gather round the hearth and sit listening to their favorite shows and actors, portraying the time's latest cinemagraphic hits with using a few sound effect tools, and relying on just their voice.  With this talent radio actors and production teams like LUX SOAP and Mercury Theatre on the Air, would possess the ability to mesmerize listeners from coast to coast.

Backdoor Theatre is proud to bring back to life a nostalgic piece of American history.  Frank Capra's classic It's A Wonderful Life as a staged radio play.

Get your tickets by calling (940) 322-5000 or by visiting their website!